Blow My Mind

Motion graphics meets feminist porn

Together with feminist pornographer Lucie Blush, we developed branding and graphics for her new film “Blow My Mind”. I took part in the project from beginning to end as DoP, camera operator and motion designer. The biggest part of the job came after the shooting since the project included not only cutting and color-grading the film, but also creating animations that would allow the audience to dive into the dreaming sequence. Our goal was to find a more innovative way to enrich this adult film by grabbing into the toolbox of a graphic- and motion designer.My idea was to create a young and fresh atmosphere to help understand the character, Raquel, and identify with her and her dream. The story is not really about sex but about exploring the thoughts and fantasies of a young woman, so I decided to reinforce this message by adding hand-drawn animations that would not disrupt the arousal but on the contrary, support the explicit content.

By manipulating the animations, the sound and the cutting, I created a visual flow that fit with the director’s vision. Using Adobe Premiere Pro together with After Effects, I animated the drawings and studied the architecture of the set to adapt the graphics to the geometry and motion of the footage.

We wanted to show the dynamics of an erotic dream from the main character’s point of view by mixing quality footage and professional motion design. Check it for yourself!

Lucie Blush