Blind Data

Title Sequence for the series of director Carlos Vin Lopes.

Blind Data is the exciting new series by Carlos Vin Lopes. With nine episodes, the show revolves around a strange experiment, in which a French woman and a German man meet and develop a relationship, without ever seeing each other, as they are required to be blindfolded at all times. In exchange of quite a big amount of money, they sign a contract and let a team of scientists watch them and eventually turn their lives around as they go into something much deeper than a simple experiment.The actors on the set played the game too and have actually never seen each other in real life.

I created the title sequence for the show. A little over one minute, it features tracking and effects that remind us of overhead projectors, playing with layers and papers being manipulated and placing the contract, a central element of the story, forward. The idea was to match the title sequence with the elegance, quality and mystery surrounding the project.

Carlos Vin Lopes
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